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Pre-approval isn't scary.

Are you ready to unlock the door to your dream home? Don't let the fear of the pre-approval process hold you back! We all have those tasks that we think are gonna be really overwhelming, or they're gonna take a long time and we put them off and then most of the time, once you have gotten through it, you realize it really wasn't that bad at all.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage can be just like that. Let's remove some of the concern or the fear that you may have about getting pre-approved. It really is this simple: you provide some information to the lender. The lender reviews the information. And then, together, you have a conversation about what that means, how much you might be able to get pre-approved for, and more importantly, what you are comfortable with, your monthly budget being. That is an important part to taking the next step, which is the fun part, finding the house and getting under contract.

Need a connection to a lender? Let me know and I'll make that introduction for you!

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